Hi friends!  I know buying online can be tough to do, especially with clothes!  It's hard for me to post a sizing chart because I carry about 12-15 different lines of clothes and their sizing can all be a little different.  Buuuuuut, I've done my best to design one below that will hopefully be helpful!  Most items are S-L and, so far, none of my lines run small - they all run either true to size or a tad big.

I'm just shy of 5'4 and am normally an 8-10 depending on how things fit.  After two kiddos, my bust and my belly are both bigger than I'd like!  (Real talk, here).  I'm normally a Medium in tops and will tell you in the product descriptions if I feel like it varies on a particular piece.  I'm a 36DD in the bust to give you an idea when I'm talking about how things fit in the chest.  I tend to like pieces that are somewhat fitted up top but flow away from my mid section only because that's where I'm most self conscious.  I also hate my chubby arms.  Basically, I'm shaped like Gru from Despicable Me but I work hard to hide it. (Not sure who I'm referencing?  Here's my body shape.  Clearly I have kids given that this was the best body shape reference that came to mind)   

Size Equivalent
XS 0-2
S 4-6
M 8-10
L 12-14
XL 16-18


And in case it's helpful - I tried to find a pic of me standing to give you somewhat of an idea of my body you can tell, I usually hide it...hence the flowy skirt.   K - enough about my body hang ups.  Thanks for being here and I hope this was helpful!