About P+S

Well hi friends!  I'm so happy you're here!  I’m Sara O’Shea and that’s my cute, Irish husband Pod.  We are a husband and wife team with a passion for serving others in any way possible.  I started my first business, So Chic Events, in 2007 and have been planning weddings and events ever since.  I started Behind Every Bride, a local bridal publication and producing trade shows in 2009 and sold that business in 2016. In 2013, my love of retail led me to open So Chic Boutique in downtown Morton and then expanding to a store in Peoria Heights which opened in March 2017. I also teach Retail Entrepreneurship and Special Event Planning at Bradley University which satisfies my inner academic nerd.   We also happen to have two cute little boys (if we do say so ourselves!) Camden, 6, and Declan, 3.  They’ll be helping around here too, behind the scenes and they’re so excited.  So please don’t judge if some of your stickers are crooked on your orders!

In the growth of the businesses and remodeling four different locations, we realized our passion for designing and creating the spaces and dreaming of the business potential. We also did every stitch of work ourselves - something we know isn’t an easy task for many others and is often the hurdle that holds many would-be entrepreneurs back.   We think we can help with that while also being a cheerleader and mentor along the way. And now you’re a part of it too!  We can’t tell you how much we appreciate it.

So in case you're wondering how it works - long story short, 100% of the profits of Fierce Spirit will be directly invested into growing female owned businesses.  Our big goal is to buy commercial property to be able to provide low cost rent to start ups (a huge hurdle in getting started) while also coaching and mentoring them along the way.  But you can read more about our mission over on our About FS page - I get too excited and could type/write/talk about it forever.  Big dreams around here, big dreams!