About Fierce Spirit

Fierce Spirit is an online clothing boutique that’s not actually about the clothes (although we think they’re kind of lovely). Fierce Spirit was started with one end goal:  to take 100% of the profits to fuel our larger passion project of buying commercial property and providing low cost rent to female business owners to allow them to follow their dreams.  We hope to inspire and support female businesses as well as provide coaching and mentoring to help ensure their growth and success.  Long term, we also hope to be able to provide seed money to help with start ups as well.  A little Shark Tank and The Profit combined!  (If you don’t watch those shows, you’re totally missing out!)

We hope you’ll be a part of this passion project with us!

About Our Name

Fierce Spirit.  So simple and yet so powerful. In trying to name this passion project, I wanted it to encompass how I view women who go after what they want.  Who follow their passions and talents and find their own way.   I kept thinking of different names and characteristics and I just brainstormed words that described those amazing women.   I thought about what I felt like they needed and I eventually landed on Fierce Spirit.  To be a woman who is willing to put herself out there, to decide her love of finding her own way outweighs the fear of staying safe, and embraces her special talents - all of that is fueled by a spirit that is fierce. And tenacious.  And feisty.  And it’ll be mostly that fierce spirit that will continue to drive her through the inevitable ups and downs that come with building her own corner of the world.


About the Clothes 

While the clothes are truly a means to an end (as you can tell from our mission), in no way are they an after thought.  Many of the pieces we sell are designed by Ashley Lemieux with her tagline of ‘For Women Who Do’.  That’s the driving force behind all of our choices in our pieces.   These beautiful tops, skirts, and dresses are for women who play so many roles in any given day but want to feel beautiful, comfortable and confident in all of those roles.  Throw these on to take your kiddos to the bus stop, run to a work meeting, negotiate a big business deal, and then go meet your hubby for a quick date.   I personally like to look and feel put together without actually putting much effort in.  My hope is by hand choosing these pieces for you, you’ll be able to do the same.  We've expanded to other lines beyond Ashley's but our focus are on pieces of clothing that are beautiful, affordable, and make you look and feel great with minimal effort.

Please hang with us as we grow this business.  We’re starting lean with our offerings as we’ve taken money out of our personal savings to buy inventory so it’ll take us just a little while to grow our quantities, sizing and choices.   We want this business to be debt free and focus solely on our bigger mission.  As I told my husband, ‘We’re going to take $6,000 and turn it into a building.  Or two.  I know we can do it!’   And I truly believe we can.

Let’s embrace that fierce spirit and work to inspire more of it.